Hang Nadim International Airport

Batam is an industrial  and metropolitan city has a foreign and domestic traffic is very high.The number of tourist arrivals to Batam in 2011 amounted to 1.16 million people while domestic traffic of 4 million.   With the number of tourist visits to Batam it definitely requires adequate transportation infrastructure. One of the infrastructure that must exist is the airport.Batam has an international airport that can accommodate up to 4 million tourists per year. The name of this international airport is the Hang Nadim Airport. Hang Nadim airport has the IATA code BTH, while the ICAO code is WIDD.   Hang Nadim Airport has a runway 4025 meters, the airport with the longest runway in Indonesia. With this kind of infrastructure condition Hang Nadim Airport capable for landed of widebody aircraft  such as Boeing 767.Hang Nadim Airport began operations in 1960, and became an international airport in 1970, with a direct flight routes to Senai International Airport, located in Johor Bahru (Malaysia) and Singapore’s Changi International Airport.   With the presence of this international airport will increase the number of tourist visits to Batam because of the easy of access. To pamper visitors Hang Nadim International Airport is equipped with, restaurants & cafes, banks, ATMs, post office, medical clinic, mini market, typical souvenir outlets  of Batam, souvenir outlets, money changers and other public facilities.