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Let's Explore Batam

Explore Batam Island, enjoy its beauty and strengths.


Mega Wisata Ocarina (Coastarina)
Mega Wisata New Ocarina (Coastarina) Batam is a 40-hectare tourist park located in the Batam Center area, not far from Batam Center International Ferry Port. The tourist spot was inaugurated since 2008 by the president of the Republic of Indonesia at that time, carrying the theme of Ocarina Batam Theme Park.
Its strategic location because it is not far from the Batam city government center and is located on the waterfront makes Mega Wisata New Ocarina Batam one of the alternative vacation destinations for families.
Besides being able to enjoy the atmosphere of a beautiful beach and garden, visitors can enjoy various kinds of playgrounds that are devoted to both adults and children.
Parents who bring children will be faced with various children's playgrounds that are safe, comfortable and varied, according to their age and interests.
Not only playing, children can also learn while because this place is designed with a friendly nuance of education.

Barelang Bridge

Barelang Bridge 1
A trip to the tourist and industrial island of Batam in the Riau Islands Province will never be complete without visiting its most prominent icon the Barelang Bridge.
Situated some 35km from the heart of Batam City, the bridge is an architectural feat that connects Batam Island with several small islands to its south, which are  Rempang, Galang and Galang Baru(which, together are also known as the Barelang Islands area) and the smaller islands of Tonton, Nipah, and Sekotok. For this reason, the name Barelang itself is a short form derived from the three major islands of  Batam, Rempang, and Galang.Barelang Bridge is, in fact, a system consisting of 6 bridges and connecting roads, that together stretch across the total area of Barelang islands region of approximately 715 square kms. The span of all 6 bridges together cover 2 kilometers, while the actual distance covered from the first bridge to the last is about 50km. Reflecting the Riau-Malay Culture, the bridges are officially named after rulers of the Riau Sultanate from the fifteenth to the eighteenth-century rulers.The Barelang Bridge project was initiated by B.J Habibie. Indonesia's 3rd President, who was then Minister of Research and Technology and Chief Executive of Batam Authority at the time.The first and main Bridge is officially called the Tengku Fisabililah Bridge, but this bridge is more familiarly known simply as the Barelang Bridge or the Habibie Bridge (after B.J Habibie). The bridge connects the island of Batam with the small island of Tonton.  Similar to the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, USA, this picturesque bridge is the longest and largest in the entire system. Spanning 642 meters, this is a cable-stayed bridge, supported by and decorated with two towering 199m high pylons. Overlooking the open seas dotted with several small islands, the bridge provides the perfect setting for some of the most outstanding pictures. Complemented with a platform offering the best angle of the bridge, taking a picture here for tourists is obligatory since it will provide solid proof that one has indeed visited Batam.

Southlink Golf

Southlink Country Club
Relax and immerse yourself in a classic game of golf at Southlinks Golf Club which opened its doors to the public in February 2014. The artistry of its 18-hole golf course is a noteworthy piece designed by the skillful hands of Golfplan’s Kevin Ramsey. 
Scenic views of sunlit forests and rolling plains can’t be afforded to be missed by on-field players. This golf destination’s architecture remains a challenge for those who wish to make the most of every swing.

Ex Camp Vietnam

Ex Camp Vietnam
As an archipelago, Batam City presents a variety of tourist attractions that are able to hypnotize tourists to visit from culinary tours, beaches to historical tours located on Galang Island.
Galang Island has one of the historical tourist attractions known as Ex Camp Vietnam, which holds interesting stories, this place is often visited by local and foreign tourists.
This historic tourist attraction tells us that Ex Camp Vietnam was used as a place of refuge for Vietnamese citizens who sought refuge due to the civil war that took place in Vietnam.
As a result of the tense war at that time, hundreds of Vietnamese chose to leave their country by crossing the South China Sea by boat, so that the Vietnamese people who fled were called boat people.
The first Vietnamese community landings took place in 1975 in Natuna, which numbered 75 people, and continued to increase every year which became a problem in several neighboring countries of Vietnam, namely Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia.
The escape of Vietnamese society has received special attention from the United Nations.
Until finally the UN through the UNHCR held a meeting in the country of Bangkok and set Galang Island as a temporary refuge for the Vietnamese community.
After obtaining approval from President Soeharto, UNHCR then began to build the facilities needed by the refugees.

Kepri Coral Batam

Kepri Coral Batam
Batam is famous for its natural wealth, especially Bahari, because the city of Batam consists of many main islands and other small Island Islands, the sea in Batam also saves the wealth of undersea nature that is tempting especially in the Barelang region and its surroundings.
A new tourist destination that is warmly discussed by foreign and local tourists, Kepri Coral is called a new destination consisting of a swimming pool and an amazing underwater aquarium, some people call it Kepri Coral Island, some call it Kepri Coral Resort and many more, you can see underwater Pengalap island from the big aquarium there.
Underwater scenery in Kepri Coral you can enjoy without having to swim, just enter the Aquarium to be able to see fish and coral reefs outside the Kepri Coral Batam aquarium, of course tourist destinations like this are still foreign in Batam City because Kepri Coral is the first developed in Batam, Riau Islands.

Harris Resort Waterfront

Harris Resort Waterfront
This is four star resort and considered as a First class property. A friendly resort facing the strait of Singapore and the sea view with spacious accommodation and giant swimming pool. Strategic destination and a perfect vacation spot for couples, families or business purposes.
Exterior: A modern styled building
Lobby: Medium in size and comfortable.
187 fully renovated rooms (38sqm). Spacious rooms and suites features individually controlled air-conditioning, refrigerator, radio & satellite television with 22 channels, self-dial telephone with IDD service mini bar, in-room safe deposit box, in-house movies.

Harris Cafe and restaurant with panoramic view of the giant swimming pool, for breakfast, lunch and dinner. H Grill & Bar, newly opened Al fresco seaside casual yet chic grill & bar opening from 7.00pm until 11.00pm daily except Monday, serving the best premium New Zealand steaks on Charcoal or Griddle grill. Pronto Pizzeria, the best wooden oven baked crispy pizzas and pasta in whole Batam island.

Nongsa Point Marina

Nongsa Point Marina
Nongsa Point Marina & Resort is designed with a Mediterranean touch and built around a natural cove at Nongsa, on Batam Island, Indonesia. It is a truly unique waterfront destination in heavenly peaceful, tropical surroundings offering resort hotel rooms, 2 or 3 bedroom chalets.

We pamper to those who are looking for a relaxing lifestyle and the discerned boat owners who appreciate our International Marina facilities as a gateway to the Riau Islands and beyond.
Nongsa Point Marina & Resort is the ideal home away from home, be it during the week or for quick weekend getaway. The resort offers variety of recreational facilities including a Golf Course, a Spa, a selection of water sports and boat charters for fishing , diving snorkelling and Island hopping. 

Montigo Resort

Montigo Resort Batam
Montigo Resorts provides the ultimate getaways for all generations. From children to grandparents, each exciting experience is uniquely suited to individual tastes and expectations. Indeed, there is something for everyone.
Whether you’re seeking an island vacation with family and friends, a romantic rendezvous with that special someone or looking to escape in a world of peace and tranquility, Montigo Resorts, Nongsa is the place to be. Have your own itinerary or leave the planning all to us, whichever you pick your comfort is our priority.

Grand Batam Mall

Grand Batam Mall
The name of the Penuin Top 100 Plaza, Lubukbaja is just a memory. Retail, which has triumphed in its era, has turned luxurious and majestic. Now it's called Grand Batam Mall.
This building covering an area of almost 7000 square meters and five levels has been opened to the public in April 2019.
Giant tenants in Indonesia, such as the Top 100 supermarket, CGV Cinemax, Ace Hardware, Centro, Samsung's famous smartphone, and Fun Walk and many others, are here. With the Grand Batam Mall, Batam residents do not need to go far to Singapore to buy original products. And increasingly supporting Batam is one of the cities that will often be visited by domestic tourists and foreign tourists.
Grand Batam Mall can accommodate as many as 1300 vehicles in all areas.

Sea Forest Adventure

Sea Forest Adventure
Sea Forest Adventure is the new and largest recreational area in Batam, as well as a paradise for fans of outdoor activities as well as adventure games. The concept of nature, adventure and survival science makes tourist destinations in Batam interesting to visit.
The facilities owned by Sea Forest Adventure are also complete. The playground is divided into four regions, and everything is guaranteed to be impressive. With the cost of an inexpensive ticket, it is common for Sea Forest Adventure to become a favorite tourist spot on Batam.

Ranoh Island

Ranoh Island
Have you ever heard of Ranoh beach or Ranoh island? Some of us are still unfamiliar with this name on Batam. Formerly, this Ranoh beach was an uninhabited and very natural beach located on an island that has the same name as the beach, Ranoh island. After several months closed to the public, Ranoh beach was reopened and the owner compared it to the name Adventure Ranoh Island. For those who had participated in a snorkeling trip to Abang Island together with us before the end of 2017, I would have stopped by this island. Even though there were no facilities as complete as now under the Adventure Ranoh Island brand, this beach is very beautiful with its naturalness. Pantai Ranoh, located on Ranoh island. This island is still one waters with Abang Island. More precisely, this small island is located right between the islands of Abang Besar and Abang Kecil Island, sandwiched between them. Located in the middle between two islands, making the island has calm sea water, the waves are not too big. And that is no less interesting, this island also has one quite interesting snorkeling spot.

Mubud Island, Sembulang

Mubud Island
Sembulang Island is an island located in the southern city of Batam, Riau Islands province. This island is included in Galang sub-district, Pulau Rempang. The population of Sembulang is ± 2635 people. Sembulang Island is ± 60km from downtown Batam Center. Sembulang Island can be accessed by land ± 1.5 hours. More precisely it is located at Barelang Bridge 4. The Sembulang community is dominated by farming, although Sembulang Island is close to the sea, but the fishing profession is only a seasonal profession. The results of farming such as dragon fruit, coconut trees, mango trees and various types of vegetables, are usually sold and can be consumed alone. There are several facilities available on Sembulang Island such as Sembulang Beach, Kelong Seafood, places of worship, Historical Monuments, and Health Centers.
The monument located on Sembulang Island was built by the Japanese in 1975 where the monument was built as a sign of their friendship and now the monument itself is still well maintained.
The attitude of Sembulang community towards tourists is quite friendly and accepts tourists who come either from local or foreign tourists. However, the existing human resources are still relatively low, so they need guidance so they can participate in the development of Sembulang Island as a tourist attraction.
Besides Sembulang Island, there are other interesting tourist objects, namely Mubud Island. Mubud Island is located in the Karas village, Galang sub-district. Mubud Island is divided into 2, namely Mubud land & Mubud laut and what we visit is Mubud land.
Mubud Island can be landed by sea using a motorboat (Pompong) ± 15 minutes. Mubud Island is an uninhabited island, but still has the supervision of cleanliness from the Sembulang community. Mubud Island has a white sand beach with clear sea water which can be used as a surving location, there are coral reefs, starfish, and there are marine life activities.

Harbour Bay Batam

Harbour Bay Batam
Batam Harbour Bay Ferry Terminal is an international transport hub with shopping and restaurants in the center of Batam, Indonesia.Located within Nagoya, Jodoh, it is 10 minutes drive away from Batam Nagoya city.
Since its opening in 2006, it has been serving an average of 45,000 visitors coming from Singapore every month.
Batam Harbour Bay Downtown sky view
The ferry terminal is part of an integrated development by Citra Buana Prakarsa that includes a hotel, shopping, entertainment, and apartments near the Ferry terminal.
On 2014 September 5 and 6, it hosted the 7th Asean Jazz Festival sponsored by the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy of the Republic of Indonesia in collaboration with the Keppri Regional Government and Batam City Government. The Jazz Festival is held to increase foreign tourist visits.

Nagoya Hill Mall

Nagoya Hill Mall
Nagoya Hill Mall Batam is the largest and most visited shopping center on Batam. Nagoya Hill is one of the interesting tourist destinations in Batam, because Nagoya Hill Mall Batam is a shopping place that has quite complete retail items at relatively cheap prices. The name Nagoya Hill is taken from the city center in Nagoya, Batam, the area also known as Lubuk Baja, and this mali was built in a hilly area in a fairly large area, approximately: 8.9 hectares.
Nagoya Hill can be reached from Hang Nadim International Airport in about 45 minutes by taxi.
For those of you visiting from Singapore or Malaysia (Johor Bahru) you can go through the Batam Center Ferry Terminal and take a taxi about 30 minutes.
Or you can go through Harbor Bay International Ferry Terminal in Batuampar and take a taxi about 5-10 minutes. Visitors from Singapore or Malaysia can easily visit Nagoya Hill and get relatively cheaper items.
Nagoya Hill mall Batam applies the City Walk concept, a mixture of shopping and business facilities both locally and internationally complete in one large area and can be visited on foot. This is a concept called One Stop Travel Shopping. It is equipped with many eateries that offer local cuisine from various regions in Indonesia and international cuisine. Nagoya Hill also has a block named Nagoya Hill Food Street which contains various kinds of Indonesian specialties and others.

Petong Island

Petong Island, Batam
Petong Island is the most ideal spot for snorkeling and diving lovers to enjoy the exotic underwater world. You can see a variety of coral and attractive marine animals here.
Not only is the underwater world cool, filled with colorful fish and other unique marine life, the nuance is also fun to become your destination from the saturation and hubbub of the city which is full of activities.

Exotic Bintan & Lagoi

Enjoy the Beauty of Bintan Island and the Beauty of the Very Exotic Lagoi Tourism Area

Blue Lake, Bintan

Blue Lake, Bintan
If you see Tosca blue water with a clean white background from Telaga Biru, anyone will be amazed. One of the tourist destinations in Bintan that has this potential can also be a perfect escape spot if you are looking for tranquility. The atmosphere seemed to be in an oasis in the middle of the desert increasingly felt when the sun shone hot. Get ready to heat up!

Panglong Hill

Panglong Hill
One of the former mining areas that turned into a cool tourist destination is Panglong Hill. The former granite mine is now a lake with clear and clean water, and not even often looks blue. However, visitors are not advised to swim and play water in this lake until there is a feasibility study that allows.

Lepan, Blue Lake

Lepan, Blue Lake
Similar to two other lakes in Bintan, Danau Biru Lepan is formed from the results of mining activities. The clearness of the water and the white color of the lake make the lake surface glow blue due to exposure to sunlight. To add to the attractiveness of tourists, residents also made a number of unique selfie photos.

Trikora Beach

Trikora Beach
This beach seems to confirm that Bintan is the right tourist destination to get the feel and atmosphere of a tropical island. The white sand with calm water waves makes Trikora Beach a destination for hits for domestic and foreign tourists. Not only is the panorama above sea level charming, underwater scenery is no less cool, just right to be enjoyed for lovers of diving and snorkeling.

Busung Sand

Busung Sand
Want to know what it is like to climb the desert in the Middle East? For those who are interested, you can visit the replica in Bintan. This Busung sand hill is located quite close to Telaga Biru, you know. The panorama offered is also quite interesting, as well as the desert-style atmosphere that is hot with the sun shining hot. One more thing, this place is also very instagenic.

Treasure Bay Bintan

Treasure Bay Bintan
This tourist destination in Bintan is a resort with many tourist attractions that can be enjoyed. The one who stole the attention was the large swimming pool and blue. Many fun activities that you can do, ranging from kayaking and paddle boarding, to playing segway while touring this exotic resort.

Lagoi Bay

Lagoi Bay
The natural beauty of Bintan Island is a favorite of domestic and foreign tourists. One of the destinations is the exotic Lagoi Beach.
Lagoi Beach on Bintan Island in the Riau Islands Province has long been famous internationally. The beach that is parallel to the Malacca Strait is visited by foreign tourists through the entrance of Singapore.
With a flight of 45 minutes, have set foot on Batam Island. From Hang Nadim Airport, take a taxi to Telaga Punggur Port. At this port is a crossing point to Bintan Island.
From Batam to Bintan Island, there are two locations where ships are based. Some are heading to Tanjungpinang City, as the capital of the Riau Islands Province with a travel time of about 1 hour by ferry.
 Lagoi beach area looks neat, even though the waves are not too strong. The sandy beach is generally another tourist area, when it was receding.
In that area there are shopping places, and objects for selfies. The giant writings of Lagoi Bay with colorful colors are the mainstay of the visitors as a moment ever stopped there.
On the beach, a number of towering coconut trees add to its own beauty. Children playing on the beach are a little more comfortable because the waves are not too big. This sea turns blue facing a neighboring country.

Lagoi Beach

Lagoi Beach
Lagoi Beach is famous for its miniature Singapore. Why is it said to be a miniature of Singapore? Because first, to visit Lagoi Beach you have to pay in SGD currency. Granite stones are still decorating the beach in the tourist area of Bintan Island. Lagoi Beach is very similar to the beach on the island of Bali where the facilities available are almost the same on the beaches of Bali. Such as discos, spas, golf courses and resorts. Lagoi Beach is directly facing the State of Singapore and Malaysia.

White Sand Island

White Sand Island
You might know him more as White Sand Island, a small uninhabited island that has beautiful spots for snorkeling and diving activities. Well-maintained reefs, maintained marine ecosystems and thick tropical island nuances on Sand Island Island make this tourist destination in Bintan one of the main points of reference for Island Hopping activities.

Senggiling Beach

Senggiling Beach
This beach can be said to be hidden because of its popularity lost from the tourist area of Lagoi Bay, which is right next to it. Access is also not easy to make only a few people know it. As a result, if you travel to this beach, you will get natural nuances, white sand beaches and large rocks that add to the beauty of this tourist destination in Bintan.

Penyengat Island

Penyengat Island
If you visit Bintan Island, it's not complete if you don't visit Penyengat Island. This island, located not far from Tanjung Pinang city, can be reached in just 15 minutes across the sea using pompong (motorized boat). This island has become one of the witnesses of the history of the struggle of the Kingdom of the Sultanate of Riau against invaders in the 18th century and in this island there are also stories of several figures with big names that were very influential in the history of the Indonesian nation at that time. On Penyengat Island, stands majestically a Great Mosque of Sultan Riau with the construction of a mosque that takes up to 40 years. This is a mosque with uniqueness that does not exist anywhere else. The mosque's wall is made with egg white adhesive. This yellow and green mosque building has even been seen from afar from the boat before approaching the island.

Mangrove Forest

Mangrove Forest
Bintan is an expensive destination? not really. Many interesting tourist activities, outside of golf that are already well known to neighboring countries. One of them tries to trace the mangrove area. Very interesting, because tourists are not just boating, but accompanied by a guide who will explain many things during the trip.
Usually, every hotel in Bintan will offer this activity package. Can also tourists directly come to Sebong Lagoi Village, about two hours from the center of Tanjungpinang city. The village has a small dock to begin the adventure with the trip operator, among others, managed by the community.
There are several types of packages offered, but all use speed boats, explore the Sebong River. The main route of the river is wide, sometimes on the left and right there are wooden houses. There is also a unique building similar to a hobit house which turned out to be a place for making charcoal. Charcoal from Bintan Island was once the idol of neighboring countries, Singapore and Malaysia. Made from mangrove wood which has longer incandescent power, but now it is no longer allowed to cut mangroves. There is also a long wooden house hidden between mangrove trees. The guide told, it used to be an illegal TKI shelter before departing for Malaysia.
From the river's main lane, the guide invites to explore narrow alleys with tightly mangrove trees on the left and right sides. Fun and for beginners it might feel a little scary. At some point the guide stopped the ship, explaining the types and benefits of mangroves. Sometimes it stops when you see birds or other animals on the tree like mangroves, monkeys, etc.